A bit about me

So, by now you will know my name is Natalie, though most that know me call me ‘nat’ or ‘nats’.  I answer to all! I reside in Motherwell with my husband and my wee boy. 

In terms of my background, my working life is in facilitating communities on various drama/play/ and arts projects.  I work largely with third sector/voluntary sector and charities where I utilise my skills in creative play and arts projects/ workshops for families.  I’m a storyteller and crafter.  I love working on community arts projects with theatre companies and people having a platform for ‘creative opportunity’.

I am also a mental health champion.  I am the deputy of ‘Glasgow Pandas’.  Panda’s is a uk wide perinatal mental health charity.  In my role I have to be a listening ear, signpost outlets and resources to those that need it, facilitate sessions, network and liaise with charities, speak at events and just be a support.  It is the part I like to play in the destigmatizing of mental health conditions. ‘it is all health’. I love, love, love cinema and film.  I’m a bit of a geek really! I indulge in binge watches, old movies and documentaries. Equally I am a massive music fan and gig goo-er.  I am rarely seen without my earphones in listening to a podcast or two! I am a lover of all things vintage.  I like arts & crafts and also do a bit of baking. I love theatre, books and creative writing.  I walk everywhere, and occasionally dabble with my bicycle! And when I’m not doing all of that I’m a mum to a very funny wee boy which involves a lot of play!

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